SEATTLE - On Tuesday, the NFL announced that former Booker T. Washington standout and current Seattle Seahawks player Tyler Lockett made the Pro Bowl as a return specialist.

On Instagram, the Tulsa product wrote:

“I got the opportunity to watch the Pro Bowl selection on NFL Network with my mom, grandma, and aunt! Wow, it's a blessing to be nominated by the fans, players, and coaches as well! God has truly blessed me! I couldn't have even been in this position without God! As well as my family coaches and teammates! My family has always been there for me! And my coaches dial up the schemes each and every week! And my teammates/brothers go out there and do their jobs well! And it helps me out a lot! You consider it a huge blessing when you realize it wasn't all you that had a part in it, but everybody had a hand in this! And I thank each and every one of you for that! I really want to thank my family as well! And I really want to thank my mom and dad for having me! I love you two!! And now, we have more games to play! So it's time to focus and get back to business!! #GodYouGetAllTheGlory #GodILoveYou #Family #Seahawks #Brothers #ProBowl #RoadToSuperBowl50”