JENKS, Oklahoma - There’s a consumer warning for anyone getting or giving a drone – those weighing more than half a pound must be registered with the FAA.

You can do it online, and the $5 fee is waived if you do it before January 20th, but, there's a glitch in the registration process, which means some people are getting addresses and even credit card numbers that don't belong to them.

Urban RC in Jenks is having no trouble selling drones, both big and small, this holiday season; but, as it turns out, some people are having trouble registering the drones.

The FAA expects a million people will get drones for Christmas, and it's requiring everyone with a drone weighing more than two sticks of butter, to register by February 19th.

"You put your registration number somewhere inside the aircraft, or on the aircraft, where it can be easily seen," explained Harry Mason with Urban RC.

But Mason, himself, is holding off on his registration. He showed us people online who said they're already finding flaws with the FAA registry.

One person writes, "Upon completing and hitting submit, I was emailed someone else's registration...Sorry, Justin, maybe you got mine."

Another person posted, "It told me my registration was complete and gave me a link for 'my' registration. But the certificate has someone else's name on it...that person's complete name and address."

Mason said, "A glitch in the system. It was thrown together very quickly and not tested properly."

He said he's even heard of people getting someone else's credit card number through the registry.

The FAA website said the contractor maintaining the database is "required to comply with strict legal requirements to protect the confidentiality of the personal data you provide."

News On 6 contacted the FAA for comment but have not heard back.

Mason knows this is all uncharted territory.

"It's kinda like the Wild West out there," he said.

If you're thinking about buying a drone as a last minute Christmas gift, the drones at Urban RC range in price from $70 to $1,000.

One of the benefits of buying local is that they have the spare parts for if, and when, your drone crashes.