TULSA, Oklahoma - Christmas came two days early for a Tulsa family who needed some extra holiday cheer.

Wednesday, Santa was joined by a group of no-so-typical elves and brought the Christmas spirit to Leha Neal and her family.

We all know Santa is supposed to ride a sleigh, not a pick-up; and he's supposed to come down the chimney. But this particular family is so special that Santa showed up at their front door and surprised them with their presents in person.

Single mom Leha has two daughters and two granddaughters. She's been in and out of the hospital with fibromyalgia, so income is limited.

And, on top of going to school, her two daughters are helping run the household.

John Downing, a manager for Crossland Construction, heard about their situation a few weeks ago and rounded up some Christmas magic.

"People helped me along the way when I was struggling, and you just give back, you know? That's all," he said.

A crew of construction workers from Crossland Construction pooled their money together, about $1,000, to buy Christmas presents for them.

It’s the Christmas the Neal family hoped for but did not expect this year.

"Santa came and blessed my home and my kids, and they're gonna have a good Christmas. And it's great 'cause I couldn't give this to them. I just, I'm happy, I can't. I'm happy," Leha said.

A local biker group matched Crossland's donations, so all four girls each got a bag full of presents. And for mom, she got a $250 gift card to Walmart.

"I am just truly grateful for this blessing, I really am," she said.