EUFAULA, Oklahoma - A woman shot in the deadly Bank of Eufaula robbery Thursday, January 21, 2016, is recovering from her wounds.

Julie Huff is the woman who was taken hostage by gunman Cedric Norris and shot multiple times when he used her as a human shield in a shootout with police.

She went through surgery Friday, and we're told she's now alert.

The FBI says the robber forced Julie to drive his stolen getaway car, right after he'd killed one person and shot another.

Moments after the suspect, with his hostage, left the bank, police spotted the stolen SUV. A chase began and ended 8 miles north of the bank. Sources say the robber got out of passenger side and immediately started shooting at law enforcement officers. 

Multiple officers fired back, unaware the driver, Julie, was a hostage.

Sources say at some point in the chaos of the shootout, Julie got out of the driver's seat and screamed "I'm a hostage! I'm a hostage!"

Officials say the suspect continued shooting at officers, even after being knocked to the ground by bullets. We're told he grabbed Julie and pulled her down in front of him in the middle of the gunfight.

In all, between the suspect and officers, 50 rounds were fired. Julie was hit multiple times, though it's still unclear if she was hit by the suspect, officers or both.

Sources say Julie was found badly wounded on the ground next to the dead suspect. 

Julie is going to survive, but now faces multiple surgeries and a long road to recovery, physically, but more so emotionally. An online fundraiser has been set up to help her family to assist with medical expenses.

Friends say Julie "is the most caring person you will ever meet, helping anyone she can. She is an RN, wife, mother, grandmother, and so much more to so many people."