TULSA, Oklahoma - Tulsa Police are investigating a shooting at the Royal Oaks Condominiums. The complex is located near 66th and Lewis.

Police say a fight started between about 10-15 teenagers, boys and girls, began and one pulled out a gun, fired shots and everyone scattered. A teenage girl was shot in the hand.

Neighbors say they heard shots fired Saturday just before 3 p.m. and saw some young kids running.

The police spent hours going door to door at the apartments, looking for teenagers who might have been involved in the fight.

"I see them around all the time; they're just kids who live around here," witness Dargelo Caballero said. "There was one on the floor, there was five or six kicking him, could see which one there were so many around him and then the shooter said something and started firing."

Three shots were fired and one person was hit. The teenaged victim was hit in the hand. She was taken to the hospital.

Police detained several young men for questioning and a grandmother who they said was obstructing the investigation.

They later got a search warrant for her apartment so they could look for the gun.

Officers said what appeared to be a simple dispute between teenagers could have ended up with someone killed.

"Here it is a Saturday afternoon, broad daylight in the middle of an apartment complex," TPD Cpl. Christy Kellerhalls said. "Kids were just fighting, and somebody decides to pull out a gun and somebody got shot. It happens that quick."

Police arrested a 16-year-old boy for the shooting but didn't release his identity because of his age.