TULSA, Oklahoma - Oklahoma game wardens arrested two people for poaching deer in Delaware County. The deer were killed without permission on Christmas Day in a licensed commercial facility, according to state game wardens.

Officials say both bucks were killed north of Rose in a high-fence facility, and one was the owner's main breeder buck.

"The suspects had been hunting on a neighboring property adjacent to the commercial area and had seen the deer multiple times," the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation states on its Facebook page.

"No longer able to control themselves the suspects shot both deer around 3:00 a.m., on Christmas morning."

Game wardens say they got a tip that led them to make the arrests and that the suspects confessed in writing to the crime.

The hunters' bows have been seized as evidence, and charges are pending. The men will have to make restitution for the deer - and the fence they cut to enter the private property.