MUSKOGEE, Oklahoma - An inmate died in an incident at the Muskogee County Jail. Marvin A. Rowell died after falling and hitting his head, authorities say.

Muskogee Now reports Rowell was booked into the jail around 5 a.m. January 30. Sheriff Charles Pearson said the 42-year-old man was very intoxicated when he came in.

"I really can't comment at this point, because we're just beginning the investigation," he said. "But I can say he was booked in and sixteen minutes later we were calling an ambulance. 

"I'm looking at the video right now, and there's absolutely no struggle or fight or anything," Pearson said. 

"He fell down and hit his head. I don't know whether he swallowed drugs or what, but he was really intoxicated when he was brought in."

The Medical Examiner will determine cause of death.