TULSA, Oklahoma - How many times have you said or heard someone else say, 'I just can't do this or that?'

Well, Tulsa Community College is trying to eliminate some of that ‘I can't-ness’ with its series of ‘I Can't Workshops.’

“I just can't take good pictures,” “I can't figure out that expensive camera I got for Christmas,” “I don't know where to get film developed anymore.”

Those ‘I can’ts,’ and probably some others, brought a couple of dozen folks to TCC downtown for an ‘I Can't Workshop’ on photography.

Cindy Barton is the project manager for the I Can't workshops. Monday was the first one of the spring semester.

"Just come and try something new that they think they can't do," she said.

Mark Wittig teaches at both Tulsa School for Arts and Sciences and at the Hardesty Arts Center.

“Young kids call this life hacking now - we used to call it creative problem solving," he laughed.

He brought expensive cameras, cheap ones, new ones and old ones; he even brought some pin-hole cameras he'd made from tin cans.

Folks got to handle and inspect the cameras he'd brought, ask questions, get answers, and maybe lose some of the fears they came in with.

If you’re interested in upcoming I Can't Workshops, you can find more information here.