SAND SPRINGS, Oklahoma - Video shows what a Sand Springs bus driver saw as a loose trailer headed at his school bus.

The incident happened on 51st Street South just west of Highway 97 Friday afternoon. A trailer came loose from a pickup headed east on 51st Street, then struck the front of the westbound bus.

Police said they've learned it was more than a hit and run and said the trailer was stolen from a nearby neighborhood, minutes before the crash.

The video shows the trailer came loose and rolled into the front of the bus. The driver’s quick action prevented a worse collision, but some of the children rolled out of their seats. They came away with bumps and bruises.

When police arrived the trailer was still at the scene, but the truck pulling it didn’t stop.

Captain Todd Enzbrenner with Sand Springs Police said, “You can see in the video, he kind of slows down a little as he passes the bus then he takes off again. There's no way he didn't know that came off there.”

Now police say they know why the truck didn't stop - the trailer was stolen just a few minutes before the crash.

The bus has a picture of the truck leaving the scene - a white, likely Ford dually pickup, with no tailgate - and a tag that's white with black lettering - possibly a Texas tag - and definitely not a standard Oklahoma plate.

Enzbrenner said, "We haven't been able to find the truck that matches that description."

Police said the thief lost the trailer because it wasn't hitched properly to begin with.

"The hitch, the receiver end, was too big for the ball, so they had it bungee corded, tried to rig it and it didn't stay, that's why it came off," Enzbrenner said.

The collision didn't do much damage to the trailer or the bus, but the accident upset a busload of children from Limestone Elementary.

Now police want to track down the thief who also caused the accident.

They are asking anyone who knows about the truck to call 918-245-8777.