TULSA, Oklahoma - A high-profile Tulsa murder case will be the subject of the Doctor Phil Show Wednesday and Thursday. Watch at 4 p.m. on Channel 6.

Amber Hilberling was convicted of second-degree murder in 2013, after she pushed her husband Josh through the window of their high-rise apartment. Hilberling was sentenced to 25 years in prison.

Dr. Phil will talk to her parents Wednesday, February 3. They claim she didn't get a fair trial and blame the media and the police.

Then on Thursday, Dr. Phil will go behind bars to get Hilberling's side of the story in an exclusive interview.

Hilberling says she suffered abuse at the hands of her husband and was defending herself. 

"You pushed your husband out the window," Dr. Phil tells Hilberling in the interview.

"I pushed him off of me," she tells Dr. Phil. 

"There were only two people there. One's dead - and you wonder why you're here?" he asks.