TULSA, Oklahoma - The City of Tulsa has chosen solar-powered parking meters to gradually replace downtown parking meters - including the test models in the Brady Arts District.

The parking meter pilot program has been in place since last year with meters from three different vendors installed. Of the three, the City selected Parkeon as the new vendor for future purchases.

"All of the parking pay stations that are currently in the Brady Arts District will be removed this Friday, and temporary signage will be placed over the existing signage," a news release states. 

"Enforcement will continue with a two-hour parking limit in the Brady District until the City procures the new parking pay stations."

The City plans to gradually replace the entire meter system in Tulsa as funding becomes available. The Parkeon meters are solar powered and use coins or credit cards as payment methods. A mobile App will be available. 

Users will need to enter their license plate number into the pay station.

The City hopes to have a mixture of new single-space meters in addition to the Parkeon multi-space meters, the release states.