JAY, Oklahoma - A 2-year-old girl's tragic death may be saving the lives of other children.

Bree Florer died after swallowing a button battery just a few days after Christmas.

Thursday, her hometown of Jay held a special celebration called a 'Bree-Out' during the basketball games to teach others about the potential hazards of those batteries.

The ‘Bree-Out’ featured everything 2-year-old Brianna Florer would have loved - pink, purple, and butterflies - but her family said it was about much more than Bree.

What will Kent Vice miss most about his grandbaby?

"As soon as she recognized me, she'd run and jump in my arms. And that just took every trouble in the world away," he said.

A huge show of support for Bree and her family poured out at the Jay middle school girls' basketball games Thursday night.

The Lady Bulldogs wore Button Battery Awareness shirts instead of their jerseys; and the cheer squad, including Bree's sisters, dedicated their half-time show to the 2 year old.

In between games the family showed a slideshow of the 2 year old's short but beautiful life - warning the crowd of the dangers of ingesting button batteries.

Bree's death is already saving lives.

Just two weeks after she died, 1-year-old Ethan Kingfisher swallowed one of those batteries, but because his parents heard how dangerous they were, they rushed him to the hospital.

Ethan's father, Zac Kingfisher said, "Probably would have chalked it up to ‘He'll be alright.’ And would have found the battery in the diaper and been dumbfounded."

Vice said, "Anything decent at all to come of this at all to us would be to stop another, and never experience the type of grief we've had to go through. I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy."

Often times, children will show no symptoms after swallowing a button battery until it's too late - that was the case with Bree.

You can find more information about keeping children safe from batteries here.