WAGONER, Oklahoma - A lot of people think smoking ribs and brisket is a guy thing, but that’s not the case, and a couple of sister in Wagoner are proving that by smoking meat with the best of them.

Four years ago, Amy Matthews and her sister, Janie Bobo, bought a little bar-b-que business in Wagoner and turned it into Smokin Sisters Bar-B-Que and Catering.

"Like the second or third week we were in business someone called and wanted a catering for 500 people with enough food for 800, and we were like ‘Oh yes we'd love to do it,’" Matthews said.

It wasn't like they didn't know what they were doing, but that's a lot of people. Thankfully, it went well, and they've never looked back.

They keep the smoker out back of their shop filled with ribs, links and chickens. There's meat they smoke during the day and others overnight.

"Smoke it for two hours then wrap it up and put it on low temperature and cook it all night. That's for our pork butts for pulled pork, shoulder for chopped beef and brisket," Bobo said.

They added sides early on so you could get a whole meal; they use their mom's coleslaw and bean recipes for that.

One of their signature dishes, the Sister-wich, is a pound of three kinds of meat. Mine had chopped beef, baloney, and links. It's like Man versus Food, and so good.

Smokin Sisters has two locations - the original location is inside the Meats and More Market in Wagoner, the second spot in Coweta is also inside the Meats and More Market and offers restaurant seating.