TULSA, Oklahoma - Extra money raised at Tulsa's recent Christmas parade is going to help a grieving Oklahoma military family.

Parade organizers said after all of the bills for the parade are paid they had money left over, so they worked with a non-profit group called Soldier's Wish to find a soldier who could use some help.

This year they had $2,500 left over to donate.

Soldier's Wish said they'll use the money to help a Fort Sill soldier whose son recently died.

"Young soldiers in the Army don't make a lot of money, and when you have something devastating happen, you know, they've got funeral expenses, they've got a lot of expenses that they've got to deal with. And so we found out about this and wanted to help them out,” said Mark Ochsenbein with Soldier’s Wish.

Parade organizers said this is the second year they've given the extra money to Soldier's Wish.