TULSA, Oklahoma - With this week's sunny skies and temps in the 50s you might not remember the February 2011 blizzards which set all kind of records.

During the early part of that month several winter storms buried northeast Oklahoma.

February 2011 was the snowiest month on record in Tulsa, with just under 23 inches. In fact, on February 10, 2011, 14 inches of snow fell in one day.  

Tulsa was not alone. A number of cities across eastern Oklahoma were hit hard. Jay saw around 25 inches of snow, Big Cabin weighed in at 21 inches and Barnsdall with 20 inches. Pawhuska and Pryor each received 18 inches of snow.

All that snow caused problems on roads and highways and damaged buildings. In Pryor, snow collapsed a roof at a convenience store.

Several classrooms were damaged when the roof at Quapaw Middle School caved in. The blizzard also damaged docks at Grand Lake and a roof at the Hard Rock Casino in Catoosa.

The snow came with bone-chilling temperatures. The City of Nowata was really in the ice box at minus 31 degrees which still stands as the lowest temperature ever recorded in the state.

For some, the snow was good news. Many Tulsa businesses, like car repair shops, were busy for weeks after the snow fell.