BROKEN ARROW, Oklahoma - You may not expect to have a rodent problem inside your car, but that’s exactly what some Broken Arrow drivers are experiencing.

One mechanic said, in some cases, the rats are causing thousands of dollars in damages by eating wires and building a nest inside the engine compartment.

Fellers Auto specialist owner, Tommy Fellers, said he's recently repaired 13 rat-related problems.

"We've been seeing an enormous amount of damage to cars’ electrical systems and wiring and hoses from rats, mice, squirrels," he said.

Fellers said rodent damage happens fast and is extensive. He's seen wires, sensors and connectors chewed apart.

He said the rodents can even travel through vents and into the dashboard.

"The last case we had on a Ranger, the guy drove it every day and it took just one night for this to happen, and it was close to $2,500 worth of damage," Fellers said.

He used to see only two cases a year. Now he's had 13 cases where a rat or mouse has climbed inside and made a home.

Joey Shutrump with Guardian Exterminating said, "Their teeth are always growing. So part of their habit is to constantly gnaw down to keep their teeth sharpened, and so it makes them feel good to chew on wires."

Exterminators say it's easy for a rodent to squeeze in the tight space of an engine; mice just need a dime-sized hole, rats a quarter-sized one.

But there's a solution - invest in a bottle of deer spray. They said the smell will keep the rodents away.

Fellers said, “Just a quick spray under the fender well just a quick shot under the fender well under each tire is sufficient.”

The average price for a regular sized bottle of deer spray is about $15.

Exterminators say you want to be cautious about using rat poisoning if you have pets because it could kill them.