TULSA, Oklahoma - It’s about to feel like Spring Break but in the middle of February for Green Country. A large ridging pattern aloft will sweep by mid to late week and that will heat things up for Oklahoma. 

We could even flirt with some record afternoon highs on Thursday and Friday. Some of us are looking forward to warmer weather, but with it comes another round of high fire danger. 

Starting off this week, winds will remain breezy for Monday through Wednesday. Low relative humidity values will increase our threat for grass fires. 

The spread component will be fairly high on Monday and Tuesday with northwest winds gusting up to 20 mph (Monday) and 25 mph (Tuesday). 

Fire danger worsens by Thursday and Friday. The strongest winds of the week come in on Thursday from the southwest with gusts up to 35 mph. The spread rate of fires could be around 200 feet per minute. 

Let’s safely enjoy the warmer weather. It looks like the 70-degree highs will not be sticking around through next weekend.