TULSA, Oklahoma - Passengers at Tulsa International Airport are going to get a little relief when it comes to getting out of the terminal.

The airport is about to install new security exit doors, which will help clear out the log jam when you get off your flight.

Seven years ago, the Tulsa International Airport installed security doors to keep people in the waiting area out of the secured area of the terminal. The airport said complaints started coming in because the revolving doors created log jams from passengers trying to get out.

"For instance, right now somebody is exiting the door. They must have touched on the glass, which is a common thing for people to do. They think they can push on the glass to exit, and it actually stops the door, that's what it's designed to do," said Alexis Higgins with TIA.

Higgins said the airport started looking into replacing the security doors with better ones.

"It's a physical obstruction to keep people from entering the sterile area, and it's 100 percent been effective at that. The challenge with it, it's not been very customer friendly," she said.

The new doors might be similar to the ‘flow doors’ used at Seattle’s airport. Passengers like Daniel Whited said they can’t wait to see the change.

Whited said, "Anything can be more fluent than it is right now. There's a stop and hesitate – ‘am I going the right way, what direction am I going the right way?’"

The airport is expected to start on the first set of doors on the B concourse before the end of the year.

"When you're on the road and you're traveling, and you're out and you're gone and you're tired, you don't want to navigate doors. Come on, let's just get going," said Whited.

The airport said the price tag for the doors is about a $500,000 for a pair. Funding comes from general revenues at the airport.