TULSA, Oklahoma - A Tulsa man arrested twice in one week is out of jail due to a bond mix-up.

Clark Gatwood was arrested on consecutive Tuesdays, each time he was in a stolen car and running from police.

The second time he was arrested the district attorney asked for a higher bond. A judge agreed to increase Gatwood's bond from $17,000 to 100,000 on Friday, but, somehow the information didn't make it to the jail and Gatwood bonded out this weekend on the lower amount.

Tulsa police released dashcam video of the second chase with Gatwood from Tuesday, February 9.

The officer said he tried to pull over the driver for going 84 in a 50 mile an hour construction zone, but the driver took off; that's when they realized the car was stolen.

The owner said he left the vehicle running while he ran inside his house for just a moment, and when he came back out it was gone.

Police said the driver took them all over Tulsa in the stolen car - from east Tulsa, down south, and back north. Even with the tires gone, he kept driving on the rims.

Eventually, the officers threw out stop sticks in a neighborhood which forced the driver to stop; he immediately got on the ground and was arrested.

That's when officers realized it was Gatwood behind the wheel.

Seven days earlier, on February 2, they arrested him in a stolen truck, after a police chase that ended in a church parking lot.

That owner said he left the vehicle running while he ran into QuikTrip for a minute. He said when he came out and it was gone.

Records show Gatwood has eight other stolen car convictions, four other convictions for running from police, along with many other crimes.

He just got released from prison on Christmas Eve.

The D.A. filed nine new charges against Gatwood for the two recent chases.

The D.A. asked Gatwood's bail bondsmen to bring him back to the jail, and if that doesn't happen they'll ask a judge to issue a warrant for Gatwood on the new, higher bond.