MANNFORD, Oklahoma - Mannford police say the person who led them on a pursuit and attempted to run over one of their officers is on the loose.

They say conditions became too dangerous after searching a rural area of Creek County for close to three hours.

Mannford Police Chief, Lucky Miller, said the driver is a 54-year-old man who lives in Skiatook but has ties to Tulsa, where he’s been staying for the last few weeks.

They can't release his identity until they get an affidavit for his arrest, but they're telling people living in the Mannford area to take extra safety precautions until he is caught.

For hours Tuesday, Creek County sheriff’s deputies and Mannford police focused their attention on more than 100 acres of land off Highway 51 near the Cimarron River.

They were searching for the driver of a pickup truck, who, they say, took off during a traffic stop and led them on a chase.

At one point, they say the driver stopped, and a Mannford officer approached the car.

“At that point the subject spun his vehicle around and headed straight for officer. In the officer’s words, 'I could see whites of his eyes, and he could see mine, and he was headed right for me,'” Miller said.

The chief said that officer fired two rounds into the man’s truck, but didn't hit him.

Officers say the driver drove into the pasture before abandoning the truck and running.

Creek County brought out K9 units to help with the search.

"We were on a good track several times. We believe he did go through the river, and that kind of kills our track when he goes through the water," Miller said.

While they haven’t officially released the suspect’s name, Mannford police said they know who he is and will keep patrols in the area until he is caught.

Investigators said they didn't find weapons in his truck, but said he does have a number of warrants, including threatening an act of violence in Osage County.

Miller said, “Encourage all people living around the area to keep doors locked, don't answer for anyone. If someone knocks you don't know, call local authorities.”

Police said the 54-year-old man has blondish/gray hair and was last seen wearing a red jacket.

Along with the warrants he already had out on him, police said they will now arrest him on charges that include using his truck as deadly force.