OKLAHOMA CITY, Oklahoma - The Oklahoma Supreme Court on Tuesday ruled in favor of the Lindsey Nicole Henry scholarship program.

The Lindsey Nicole Henry Act established a scholarship fund for parents of disabled children to receive scholarship money to send their children to private K-12 schools. The law specified the scholarships must be used at one of more than 50 participating schools, some of which are religious.\

A district court had ruled the scholarship program was unconstitutional. On Tuesday, the Oklahoma Supreme Court reversed that decision. It's the second time the high court has rejected a challenge to the law.

Attorney General Scott Pruitt, who defended the program in court this time around, said, “The Court’s decision was appropriate to ensure that parents in Oklahoma are given the opportunity to choose a school for their children based on the educational needs of their child, a decision that I firmly believe should be made by parents, and not bureaucrats. I hope that today's ruling, the second time that the Oklahoma Supreme Court has rejected these attacks on the program, will finally put an end to these shameful attacks on a wonderful program.”