OKMULGEE COUNTY, Oklahoma - A fire raging in central Okmulgee County is creating headaches for firefighters, homeowners and ranchers.

Homes near Nuyaka are being evacuated Thursday afternoon. The Okmulgee County Sheriff says the fire appears to have started near 130 Road and Briar. The evacuations are north of there, closer to 150 Road and Ash.

Residents are being move from an area about five miles. They are taking shelter in a church.

Just before 3:00, officials said the fire jumped Highway 56 and law enforcement was asking people north of the road to leave the area.

Blackhawks are in Okmulgee County doing water drops. Wind gusts are extreme.

Local ranchers are having to make quick decisions to move cattle from land before the fire burns them out.

Fires have been going on for three days in the same general area.

One rancher, Rusty Jamison, lives northwest of Beggs. He got a call from a neighbor that his land was on fire. He moved his cattle to the area that has the shortest grass as a last resort.

If the fire spreads to that area, he will have to cut the fence. Jamison has about 60 head of cattle on the affected land.