OSAGE COUNTY, Oklahoma - It took about a dozen fire departments to get a fire in Osage County under control Thursday.

The fire started when the wind knocked over a power line into an oil lease property Thursday afternoon.

It took crews hours to get it under control.

The Red Cross arrived Thursday night and the firefighters and emergency management workers took a much-needed break while they monitored the situation.

Authorities said they got help from two airplanes dropping water on the flames. They’ve reached their flying limit for the day, so they'll return Friday morning if needed.

Everything is currently under control, but earlier in the day the fire was spreading fast, even across some roads.

"Rolled up here and jumped the highway, jumped Highway 60. That's pretty impressive," said Bobby Tallchief with Osage County emergency management.

Tallchief said they won't know until Friday how much land the fire burned.