ROGERS COUNTY, Oklahoma - Earlier this week, Rogers County earlier this week, Rogers County deputies raided a meth house where three children live.

They found a meth lab inside a bedroom closet and arrested the parents and a grandmother.

In an exclusive story, we give you a look at the raid.

“Sheriff's office! Search warrant. Come outside. Who else is in the house?"

The raid by Rogers County sheriff's deputies comes after investigators did surveillance on a home near Claremore. They wanted to see all the traffic coming and going, so they conducted undercover drug buys and checked the psuedoephedrine database.

They were shocked to see both people had bought the product, a main ingredient to make meth, at least 80 different times each in the past few years.

They bought so much, they were also blocked from buying it dozens of times as well.

“I got a baby on the bed.”

Deputies said the heartbreaker is three small children live in this house -- a 10-month-old baby, a little girl and a little boy. An affidavit says the two older children have respiratory problems and that the boy's urine later tested positive for amphetamine.

Deputies said it's no wonder because of the strong chemical odor in the house since they found a meth lab inside a bedroom closet.

“Psuedoephedrine with receipt and timestamp."

Labs aren't huge operations like in the past. People pour all the chemicals into a plastic bottle and shake it up, which is extremely Chief “If it becomes volatile and erupts, it can take down the whole structure,” RCSO Deputy Shane Rhames said.

Deputies arrested Joey Bump and Aimee Coghill.

They also arrested the grandmother, Diane Coghill. They say disconnected all the smoke detectors so the smoke from meth cooking wouldn't keep setting them off.

Not only will DHS find a safe place for these kids to go for now, but investigators also want a hair follicle test on each child to see what kind of chemicals have leeched into their system, their bloodstream and what kind of damage that can cause.