TULSA, Oklahoma - Monday marked day two in the federal lawsuit involving a former Tulsa County. The lawsuit accuses Stanley Glanz of creating an environment in the jail that violates inmates' civil rights.

A juvenile who spent time in the jail a few years ago says a former jail employee sexually assaulted her more than a hundred times.

Monday, the federal jury heard testimony from that inmate, who was 17 at the time. She claims there was a blind spot in her cell that surveillance cameras couldn't see and that allowed the assaults and that Glanz didn’t do enough to protect her.

The former inmate put her head down as she listened to the audio recording of herself at 17 years old talk about being sexually assaulted by a former jail employee.

In that interview, she says the employee went from watching her in the shower to touching her inappropriately and exposing himself to her.

The interview was done by then Captain Billy McKelvey, who admits he should not have done the interview because he was not trained to talk to possible victims of sexual assault.

The interview took place at the jail, the same place the teen says the assaults happened.

In the interview, she says he never raped her, but later says he did.

At the end of the interview, McKelvey tells the girl to not talk to anyone about their conversation.

McKelvey also testified multiple witnesses knew the jailer was having sex with the juvenile female inmate.

After testifying, McKelvey said, "I've been very loyal to Stanley Glanz. I think that loyalty is misplaced."

McKelvey also said, "If anybody believes that the oppression in that office left with Stanley Glanz, they're wrong. The oppression is thriving."

Also Monday, Judge John Dowdell called out Glanz's attorney, Clark Brewster, when he called the girl's previous charges "violent" five times in front of the jury. Two previous court orders ruled that those charges could not be talked about in court since they had been deferred and dismissed.

Brewster also fought to get the accused former jail employee to testify, in person, although it had been determined, years before, he would testify through video deposition.

In that video, he asserted the 5th amendment when asked if he had sexual relations with the victim.

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