CREEK COUNTY, Oklahoma - Creek County deputies arrested a 21-year-old man Tuesday morning on a number of complaints, including malicious injury to property.  

The stolen truck was a Kellyville fire tanker truck and the building where it was being stored is owned by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

The Creek County Undersheriff says a group of guys in their 20s were out near Heyburn Lake early Tuesday, possibly mudding.  

He says Dakota Davis got his pickup truck stuck and walked to the fire station, broke into the garage and stole the fire engine and some hoses. Officials say Davis planned to use the former military surplus vehicle to get his pickup unstuck. The hoses were to used as chains.

In the meantime, a friend, driving an SUV showed up and tried to help, getting his Explorer stuck as well. And of course, the fire truck was stuck in the mud up to its axles.

The undersheriff says the friend eventually left and Davis went around the rural area knocking on doors asking for a ride into Kellyville - that's when deputies were called in.

Kellyville Assistant Chief Matt Staiger got the call about what happened around 4:30 a.m.Tuesday morning.  

“I knew it had to be important if Chief Tuttle was calling me that early in the morning,” said Staiger.

Staiger used a shovel to dig the rig out of the mud, and then it was hooked to a chain and pulled the rest of the way.

“A few days from now, we'll be back in grass fire season and that truck's gonna be needed,” stated Staiger.

The damage assessments will be made late Tuesday evening, and it won't take much the break the bank for the small, volunteer department.

"Money is very important to us. It takes everything we can do to get money. Gotta do a lot of fundraisers and what not," said Staiger.

Creek County says only Davis was arrested -- although he was with two other men. And because Kellyville's sub-station is owned by the Army Corps of Engineers, Davis will face federal charges as well.

The Corps says it will be writing federal tickets to all three for driving vehicles on unauthorized federal land.