TULSA COUNTY, Oklahoma - A former Tulsa County sheriff was supposed to take the stand in a federal civil rights trial Tuesday, but the actions of a juror changed all that.

Day three in the trail against former sheriff Stanley Glanz began with Judge John Dowdell saying the pace of the trial was unnecessarily slow.

Tuesday, only one witness took the stand. He testified, was cross examined, redirected, then, cross examined again.

Glanz was scheduled to testify, but that changed when a juror was dismissed for posting on Facebook that he was at the federal courthouse for a trial.

In the comments on that post, a woman said to "fry him," referring to the former jail employee accused of sexually assaulting a former inmate more than 100 times.

She also said to "not let him plead the 5th," referring to the former employee taking the 5th when asked if he had sexual relations with the former inmate.

The expert witness that did testify Tuesday said that he was grooming her. He also testified that the former jail employee was allowed to resign three weeks after the first allegations were made about the alleged assaults.

The expert witness said, "I do feel the manner in which they chose to house the females in an isolated area...instead of minimizing the risk to females, they maximized the risk."

Despite the controversy, the trial will continue Wednesday.