TULSA, Oklahoma - Former President Bill Clinton campaigning for his wife, Hillary spoke at a during a stop in Tulsa Saturday afternoon.

Clinton spoke at a "Get Out the Vote" rally at Booker T. Washington High School.

This is was the former President's second visit to the Sooner State in as many days ahead of next Tuesday's presidential primary election.

Saturday morning, President Bill Clinton was the guest speaker at a "Get Out The Vote’ at the University of Central Oklahoma in Edmond. Both rallies were meant to encourage supporters of his wife Hillary to vote in the March 1 primary.

Cherokee Nation Chief Bill John Baker welcomed President Clinton to the podium in Tulsa.

The former president thanked those who gathered at the school and praised his wife for the choices she has made in regards to her plans for the presidency.

A few topics Clinton touched on centered around healthcare, energy, higher education and prison reform.

He says under a Hillary Clinton administration, government health care will stay in place, but there will be changes.

As for current and future college students he spoke of Hillary's plan to make paying for college less expensive and for providing options that would limit debt and help pay it off faster.

Prison reform would start with developing transitional programs to take non-violent offenders out of jail, he said./

"Here's what I know -- something about being president," he said. "I know something about building an inclusive economy and defending the country -- you got to do them both. You can't predict you can do one part of the job and not another. She's the single best change-maker I've ever known."

The former President said a Hillary-run White House would include every American.

"If that's what you want, bring Oklahoma home for Hillary," he said.

President Clinton also spoke of the necessity of each state becoming clean-energy independent. He said advocating solar energy and creating wind energy are paramount.