TULSA, Oklahoma - People showed up to the Tulsa Fairgrounds on Sunday afternoon to see U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) campaign in one last stop in Oklahoma.

Thousands of people turned out here to the Tulsa fair grounds to see Senator “This election matters.... stand together,” Cruz said.

Cruz, with conservative radio host Glenn Beck, rallied supporters in Tulsa to turn out on Super Tuesday to vote.

“The only candidate in a position to beat Trump on Super Tuesday is us, so let's stand together,” Cruz said.

Cruz stood with the crowd after his speech to talk with supporters, taking pictures, shaking hands and even giving hugs.

One child and his family drove to Tulsa from Bartlesville for the event.

“Well, he wants Senator Cruz to be President,” Billie Rowan said. “We pray for him, Senator Cruz, and we know he is the person that can bring our country back and save it for our children."

Cruz told News On 6 that recent changes in Oklahoma will up his chances for a win this week.

Reporter: “Here in Oklahoma, more Oklahomans have changed their party affiliation to Republican for this election cycle, do you think that will help you Super Tuesday?”

Cruz: “I think it is a tremendously encouraging part of this election. Here in Oklahoma, we've had people come up to us and say I've been a Democrat my whole life, I've voted Democrat, now I'm Republican and we're seeing that all over the country."