MUSKOGEE, Oklahoma - Muskogee police arrested a man they say shot at an officer responding to a 911 call at a hotel.

Police said Friday morning they got a call about a man being held hostage at a hotel off of Highway 69 and Denver Street.

When the first officer got there, he walked past a different room than the one referenced in the call and someone started shooting at him.

“He passes this window, which is the window of the room where it happened at. He just gets past this door and that's where the first shot came through the door from inside. He went around, there was a truck parked over here, he went around, took cover behind that as shots were fired," explained Muskogee police officer, Lincoln Anderson.

The hostage victim ended up being in the hotel room where the gunfire came from. Officers didn't shoot back even though they were shot at three times. They said the hostage eventually broke free.

Jail records show Muskogee Police arrested Bycari Chatman on a handful of complaints including weapons charges and shooting with intent to kill.

Bycari is being held at the Muskogee County Jail.

Police said the officer is going to be OK.