OKLAHOMA CITY - The Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals has affirmed the conviction of a Tulsa man found guilty of child neglect in 2014, but it ordered a new sentence for him.

William Lewallen, 51, was charged in 2012 after Tulsa Police found a naked three-year-old boy crying in the backyard of his home and a 22-month-old girl locked in a dog crate inside the home.

A judge sentenced him to 20 years to life after his conviction in 2014. 

Though it affirmed Lewallen's guilt, the court ruled that the judge gave the jury incorrect instructions and remanded the case back to Tulsa County court for re-sentencing.

His wife, Erin Lewallen, pleaded guilty to child neglect in the case in June 2013 and a Tulsa judge gave her a deferred sentence.