TULSA, Oklahoma - A caregiver was arrested after another baby died in Tulsa; it’s the fifth suspicious death in recent months.

The latest victim is 2-month-old Chloe Hamilton. Child crisis detectives arrested the mother's boyfriend, 21-year-old Joseph Bunnell for injury to a minor.

Police say Bunnell was watching his girlfriend's daughter and two other children at the couple’s apartment.

Around 9:30 Monday night he called for an ambulance. Chloe's heart had stopped and police say she had bruises all over.

"It's very difficult to put yourself in their position, but I really hope that the young moms watch these stories and won't fall for ‘this can't happen to me,’" said Captain Richard Helberg, TPD.

There have been several suspicious child deaths since the beginning of the year. Police made arrests in three of them.

In January a 6-month old, in February a 2-year-old, and now a 2-month-old; the common thread, the mother's boyfriends are accused in their deaths.

Child advocates are concerned because of state budget cuts to programs that work to prevent child abuse and help vulnerable families.

Ashleigh Kraft with the Parent Child Center said, "Having everyone think mom is a bad person doesn't help that baby. Really, having that mom be able to have the right education and information to make wise and safe choices about who to leave her children with."

The Parent Child Center said it's vital they keep their funding to help end abuse before it starts.

Police questioned the mom but only arrested the boyfriend. He’s still in the Tulsa County jail.

Neither of them has been in trouble before.