TULSA, Oklahoma - A mother of a murder suspect says her 14-year-old son was only along for the ride. Police say he and his 16-year-old friend robbed an apartment and fought with the people living there.

Police arrested the 14 year old inside one of the apartments near 71st and Mingo. He's in jail and his mother is speaking out on his behalf, saying he's innocent.

Pictures show Peyton as any other 14 year old - smiling and spending time with family. But for over a week, he's been behind bars facing felony murder charges.

Peyton’s mother, Tonda, said, "He's in some serious trouble and he doesn't understand the depth of it, and I don't have the money to hire a private attorney."

Tonda said there's no way her son committed the crimes he's accused of.

"Peyton is not violent, he is not aggressive, he's somewhat slow, but I don't tell him that," she said.

Last Monday night, Peyton was sleeping in his room when another friend, 16-year-old Demondray Porter, barged inside.

"Drae, comes in, he rushes in, heads first for the kitchen and grabs the BB gun and puts it in his pocket," said Peyton’s friend, Dakota Howard.

Howard said Porter woke Peyton, saying he needed his help. The two ran off and headed to the Woodland Oaks Apartments a few blocks away.

Police said the teens broke inside and held a couple at gunpoint, that's when another person walked in and the victims fought back, stabbing Porter to death and injuring Peyton.

Tonda: "For the most part he has the mind frame of a 10 year old.”
Melissa: “So, in your mind, knowing him, you don't think there is any way he went over there meaning to do harm.”
Tonda: “No, no."

On top of everything, Tonda said she is now being evicted from her apartment.

Detectives said they stand by their investigation and the charges Peyton faces.