TULSA, Oklahoma - Police arrested a man they say told them he found his girlfriend's body in a dumpster at her apartment Friday morning.

Police identify the man as Demond Walker, 19.

According to police, Walker told them he couldn't find his girlfriend so he went to the Bradford Apartments in the 500 block of East 32nd Street to look for her.

They said he called police to report her missing, but before they could dispatch an officer he called again, saying he'd found her body in a dumpster.

The victim was found shot twice, in the head.

Police announced Friday after that they had arrested him in connection to her death.

According to the arrest report, Walker initially said he didn't know anything but ultimately admitted to shooting the woman once after his cousin had shot her and given him the gun.

He then said he and his cousin rolled her in blankets and carried her from the apartment and placed her in the dumpster.

Walker told police he followed his cousin to the 2800 block of North Garrison Place and claimed to watch his cousin throw the gun into a vacant field.

Police said they went to the area and found a firearm wrapped in a pair of pants and a plastic bag, which matched Walkers description.