TULSA, Oklahoma - Despite a recent shooting that sent one teen to the hospital last week, hundreds showed up to McLain High School Friday night for the homecoming game.

The word from many parents was vigilance; while they came to create good memories, safety was certainly on their minds.

Friday was filled with a parade and plenty of school spirit at McLain High School; but, just feet away, extra police officers stood guard following last week’s chaotic scene.

On the first game of the season, a gun was fired by a student during the football game, the bullet hit a fellow classmate and left many parents on edge.

Lemuel Hunter said he wouldn’t let his son go to the next game.

"Me and my wife, we weren't comfortable with it," he said. "Actually, I stopped him from coming. And he was upset."

Word of the shooting spread on Facebook which is where Alesha Davis, an alumni now living in Texas with her family, first heard about the shooting.

"And everyone was like 'Alesha, you don't want to go down there, everybody is shooting,'" she said.

But since she hasn't been back in almost 20 years, Davis said it wasn’t going to stop her. Instead, she’s doing what she can to keep her mind off the violence.

"All I could do was pray for us and for everybody's safety at this game," she said.

She also made plans to be extra vigilant throughout the game - making sure her daughters don't leave her sight.

Davis said, "I may be speaking, but I'm constantly looking to look down and make sure the babies are still right there."

It's a precaution Hunter is taking as well, saying his son won't be allowed to move around without him.

"There is just so much stuff going on, it's not even just here in Tulsa, it's everywhere," he said.

Friday night’s homecoming celebration came and went without incident, and the extra police officers were certainly more visible.