LINCOLN COUNTY, Oklahoma - A statewide manhunt for a man accused of shooting two Wellston police officers and killing a Luther couple is nearing its 18th hour. Residents in Lincoln County are now sharing their stories of the moments after Michael Vance, Jr. allegedly shot the deputies. 

Authorities say after Vance fired on the officers, he stole one of their patrol cars. He drove the patrol vehicle to the Bear Creek mobile home park on Route 66. That's where law enforcement said he pulled a couple over and stole their car.  

Jonathan Chouinard said he saw a patrol vehicle pull up right behind him so he pulled over here at the trailer park where he lives.

"We got in and pulled over about where we're standing right now and you see the skidmarks from where he got out," said Chouinard. "And, we thought it was a cop just because of the aggressiveness and everything like that we stop and he has an assault rifle and he tells us get out of the car."

Chouinard and his pregnant wife did as they were told. Chouinard said Vance sped off.

Hollie Ahern said she and her boyfriend were standing across the street watching and before they knew it, they say Vance opened fire on them, hitting Ahern in the leg. 

"As he gets right about here he pulled the gun here shot two times at us and my boyfriend said get down so I got down but I'd already been shot," said Ahern.

Ahern said the bullet is still in her leg.  

All of the victims said it's a miracle they're still alive. 

Law enforcement officials have established a hotline to deal specifically with tips regarding the search for Vance. That hotline number is (405) 246-9205 and will be manned 24/7 by U.S. Marshals.