STILLWATER, Oklahoma - A woman accused of driving through a crowd during the 2015 Oklahoma State University homecoming parade is facing 46 counts.

Adacia Chambers is in the Payne County jail and has plead not guilty on four counts of second-degree murder and 42 counts of assault and battery. 

Chambers’ attorney, Tony Coleman, said he will bring up questions about her mental health when she goes to trial next year.

“Competency was an issue from the very beginning,” Coleman said.

Less than a week ago, Coleman handed over a mental evaluation on Chambers to the judge and prosecutors. 

“There were evaluations done from the very beginning. The State has had Ms. Chambers evaluated and the opinions differ. It’s going to take an expert to explain the difference between the two evaluations,” Coleman said.

That expert psychologist was paid for by the state, after the judge ruled back in June that Chambers' family could no longer afford her defense.

“The probable cause affidavit is alleging that she blew through a red light at a substantial distance away, continued further and went around a police block, and then into police motorcycle, and then directly into a crowd of people. That’s depraved mind murder,” Payne County District Attorney Laura Austin Thomas said.

According to a report from The National Transportation Safety Board released earlier this month, Chambers sped up before she crashed into the crowd, accelerating from 54 to 59 mph.

Federal investigators say the probable cause of the crash was emotional distress.

“Something has happened, but I don’t know what, because the night before she was fine,” Adacia Chambers’ father, Floyd Chambers, said.

Early in the investigation, Chambers' family admitted taking her to a mental hospital to seek treatment twice before.
Both times, she was quickly released.

Prosecutors say they'll have their own psychologist examine Chambers before her trial starts on Jan. 10.