CUSHING, Oklahoma - Downtown Cushing streets are still roped off as emergency crews assess the stability of the buildings following that 5.0 magnitude quake. 

Sunday's magnitude earthquake rattled the Payne County community of Cushing, and nearly 50 buildings were damaged in the quake that also prompted evacuations Sunday night.

Downtown Cushing has the most damage. 

With the debris that is still scattered around the ground and off and on rain it's going to take a while to get it cleared out and back open.
uring a news conference this morning the city manager reassured the public that crews are working hard to get things done. 

One of the buildings badly damaged in the quake is the Cimmaron Tower.

It serves at a senior living apartment. About 40 residents who had to be evacuated are still staying in the emergency shelter. 

City representatives say this is the strongest quake they've ever had in the area. 

They said the worse injury report they've seen is a man came in with a cut on his arm. 

City leaders said it's hard to anticipate events like this but each time crews know how to quickly jump into action.

"I am very proud of the respond we've had I do believe we are well prepared. There's just so much you can do in terms of preparedness that basically just try to stabilized the incident initially and then we go into recovery and we're going to be in recovery for several weeks. But any time you have a disaster to learn from that to be better  for the next one," said Cushing City Manager Steve Spears.