TULSA, Oklahoma - There's nothing else like it in downtown Tulsa, and The Boxyard is fully opening its doors to the public in one month. The Boxyard features a mix of shops and restaurants in 39 converted shipping containers.

An ice cream shop, a bank, a Belgian bar and restaurant, those are just a few of the tenants that will make up The Boxyard at 3rd and Frankfort in downtown Tulsa.

"We've done a great job at attracting people that are looking for something a little bit different," said Casey Stowe of Nelson+Stowe Development.

They just announced a new business: Downtown Dry Cleaners.

"It will be a drop-off, pick-up location, but it will be a dry cleaner to service all the business people in the area and the two big apartment complexes in the area," Stowe said.

They are 85 percent leased - with other tenants including a water company, clothing shops and a science store.

"It's been really interesting to see peoples' reaction and how that has changed over time from the 'hmm, that is an interesting idea' to 'wow that's really cool,' - so it's exciting."

And with an unbeatable view of downtown Tulsa - the group behind Hodges Bend has even signed up for space - opening a bar aptly named "Open Container."

"Hopefully it will be something for tourists to see that they can't see in their own hometown - at least not yet," said developer Casey Stowe.