MAYES COUNTY, Oklahoma - The Cherokee Nation presented the Mayes County District Attorney's office a check Thursday to support a multi-jurisdictional mobile device forensic lab based in the DA’s office, nicknamed 'the Bat Cave.'

The $1,073 check will fund an additional extraction system in the forensic lab called 'Lantern,' which is an Apple-based extraction program, according to the DA's office. 

“Nearly every crime committed involves some sort of mobile device potentially containing important evidence.  Our forensic lab gives investigators a high-tech tool which ensures stronger cases to bring justice," DA Matt Ballard said. 

Cherokee Nation Councilwoman Janees Taylor said she was happy to make the donation because the tribe is committed to supporting law enforcement in the communities it serves.  

"When we partner with local law enforcement, we improve the lives of everyone in the community," Taylor said. 

The DA's office said it's important to note that not just anyone can go in and run a mobile device. 

"There must be a warrant and a member of law enforcement who is trained and certified does the extraction," DA's office staff said.