TULSA, Oklahoma - Downtown Tulsa has been packed all weekend for the Route 66 Marathon. 

Two runners who say - out of anywhere in the world - they had to run in Tulsa Sunday because of the number in the name of the marathon.

Two thousand runners took on 26.2 miles Sunday for the Williams Route 66 Marathon.

There's someone here from each and every one of the 50 states. 

And Steve Boone, of Houston, Texas, has run marathons in each of one of them, six times. 

"I've done a marathon in all 50 states, six times," Boone said. "I'm almost through the 7th time, and about halfway through the 8th time."

Six marathons in each state is nothing, when you consider how many marathons he's finished in his lifetime. 

After completing the Route 66 Marathon, he's now at a grand total of 666. That is exactly 17,715 miles that this man has logged, courtesy of his feet. 

"It's just a number," Boone said. "It just seemed like the right place to do it."

Boone has been all over the world with his wife, Paula, who also has an impressive marathon number under belt at 323. 

The Boones have even ran next to penguins in Antarctica during a marathon. 

"I ran in India last weekend," Boone said. "It was 97 degrees, I think, at the finish." 

Well, it was about 60 degrees in Tulsa during Sunday's marathon.

Lynne Oosterhouse, of Grand Rapids, Michigan, finished her 66th marathon Sunday. 

She said she thought she'd get a kick out of doing the Route 66. 

"I saw it and then knew my number was coming up for 66 and I thought this would be the perfect one to finish the year out," Oosterhouse said. 

Believe it or not, there's one more "six" in this story. 

Boone said it's too bad he's 67 years old. 

"I didn't think about it until last year, or i would have been 66, running in Route 66, for the 666th marathon."

Boone plans to run his next marathon in Louisiana.