TULSA, Oklahoma - A new family friendly bar has just opened in Tulsa, and it's bringing together different businesses to create a place everyone can enjoy.

It's called Fuel 66 and it's near 11th and Lewis. 

It gives families, mom and dad, a place to come out, enjoy themselves and entertain their kids as well.

There is beer on tap inside but the outside could not be more family friendly. It has a different atmosphere than expected.

"Checking out cars, and good food and nice cold drinks," said grand opening attendee Collin Torrence.

Kids and dogs are not only welcomed, but there are games and activities just for them.

"This is awesome,” said Torrence. “I don't know how they did it, but this is awesome."

Since drinks are only available inside, Fuel 66 is partnering with local food trucks to curb people's appetites.

"They have their customers, we have our customers,” explained Fuel 66 owner J.L Lewis. “And we have a place where everyone can meet in the middle."  

TwistWich manager Taylor Humphries added, "It's great. For us, it's so huge, I mean, the exposure alone."

Different food trucks will be at Fuel 66 each day.

"That's the best part about this, and the whole thing, they got different food trucks coming in at different times,” said Pie In the Sky owner Clint Mitchell. “You meet people, and this whole thing is just really cool.”

It's a local partnership that will allow new businesses to make their mark in Tulsa.

So, if you want to challenge your buddy to a game of Jenga, check out cool cars, or maybe make a s’more, Fuel 66 really is an all-inclusive family friendly bar.

“Like I said, you meet car people, you meet people who like cars,” added Mitchell. “You meet just everybody. That's the coolest thing is to just come here and meet everybody." 

Fuel 66 is open Tuesday- Sunday.

Tuesday-Friday, they're open for dinner and late-night and Saturday and Sunday, they're open all day.