BINGER, Oklahoma - The search for a missing father and grandfather will never end for one Oklahoma family. Billy Lange, 61, disappeared on March 3 near Binger in Caddo County.
“This is what our life has become,” said Savanna Morris, Lange’s daughter.

Morris pours over newspaper articles and flyers; all reminders of what she doesn't know.

“I guess as time goes on it just gets more real,” she said.

Her dad vanished on March 3 near his home in Binger. She recalls the last time she spoke to him that morning.

“He said ‘I’m busy at work, sweet pea,’ he said ‘I’ll see you this evening,’” she remembers.

She never saw him that evening. Instead, she found his SUV a day later, along the eastbound lanes of Interstate 40 near Calumet.

“We've done dog searches, three searches, I believe, now, in the area of where his vehicle was,” Morris said.

He was last seen building a fence near Hinton. The last known photo taken of him was captured from a surveillance camera at a convenience store in Binger that same day. Since then, the tips and sightings have grown cold, a fact especially troubling during this time of year.

“The holidays have been very hard without him,” she said. “I have a 9-year-old boy who loves him very much.”

She paused with her son to remember her loss at the Tree of Honor ceremony in Oklahoma City, which honors victims and survivors of violent crimes.

“It was very hard to have him sit next to me with tears in his eyes,” Morris said. “Our normal is not normal anymore.”

Multiple law enforcement agencies in Caddo and Canadian counties have helped in the search and investigation into Lange’s disappearance. Now, OSBI is taking over the search, giving Morris and her family a renewed sense of hope that someone will eventually come forward.

“I won't stop, I’ll keep looking, I will keep searching,” she said. “We just need closure, you know, my family needs this. I need my dad, regardless of the outcome, I need my dad back.”

If you have any information about the whereabouts of Billy Lange contact the OSBI tip line at 1-800-522-8017. The family is also offering a $2,500 reward for Lange’s location. For more information on the search, go to the Bring Bill Lange Home Facebook page.

Meanwhile, on Sunday the family’s private investigator, Darcie Parton-Scoon, released this statement: 

"Since March 2016, all tips and sightings have been checked with negative results. I've watched hours of video surveillance and revised several tips. Based on tips, I anticipate that Billy was a victim of a crime which resulted in his disappearance. At this point, I'm focusing on recovery. The family had offered a $2500.00 reward for Billy's location. Another significant transition in the search for Billy is that the OSBI has taken over the search for Billy on the law enforcement side of the house. The added resources have been much appreciated by the Lange family and they are grateful for all the work already done by multiple agencies. Any other statement regarding OSBI involvement should be directed to the OSBI. Tips regarding what happened to Billy can be made to me at 404-500-9376 or via Facebook page Darcie Parton-Scoon Investigations. Tips can also be made to OSBI tip line at 800-522-8017."