TULSA, Oklahoma - Charlene Roe has a tin full of Vietnam-era letters and other items that were found in an old car.

Roe said a friend found the cookie tin full of letters in the door panel of the car.

"His name is Floyd Candy," Roe said. 

There are several dozen letters, most dated 1963 and 1964.

"He was in the 25th Artillery," she said. 

Based on the APO number, the military zip code, it was Ansbach, Germany.

"Not having a computer, I've been on the phone a lot. I've followed every trail," Roe said. "I've looked in the phone book, and called people."

She said she's pretty much exhausted everything she knows to do, and that's when she called The News On 6. 

The tin contains an assortment of letters, receipts, postcards and other odds and ends, and it's pretty clear the tin and its contents have been through a fire.

"I haven't gone through everything because of it being so brittle," Roe said. 

We brought all of it back to the station and spread it out on a desk. At least one of the letters was from a brother named Lloyd.

The return address on most was a house on East Newton.

"I just want someone to have it," Roe said.

If you know Floyd Candy or his brother Lloyd, call Rick Wells at The News On 6.