TULSA, Oklahoma - A competency hearing for Stanley Majors has been passed to January 4, 2017. Majors is accused of killing his neighbor in August 2016.

Majors' attorney, assistant public defender Paula Alfred, insists he is not competent to stand trial and in a court filing says Majors may have dementia and is paranoid.

Majors is charged with killing his neighbor Khalid Jabara last summer, after years of what the family called harassment based on their ethnicity.  Jabara was Lebanese-American.

The county's chief Public Defender previously told News On 6 in order to be competent to stand trial, you have to be able to assist your attorney in your defense and you have to understand the nature and consequences of the legal proceedings.

Majors' attorney says his mental state seriously interferes with those criteria.

A hearing date earlier this month was reset for November 30th.