TULSA, Oklahoma - The Oklahoma Department of Corrections places two Tulsa area inmates on its' Top 15 Fugitives list.

They are identified as 35-year-old Joshua Ward and 42-year-old Wesley Ross. 

The DOC says Ward left a Tulsa halfway house on November 22nd to look for a job and never returned.  Ward is currently serving time out of Rogers County on an embezzlement conviction. The department says he is connected to the Irish Mob gang.

The DOC says Wesley Ross, 42, was suppose to meet with his parole officer on November 24, 2015 but never showed up.  He is currently serving time out of Muskogee County for a possession of a firearm conviction.  The department says Ross is connected with the Bloods street gang.

DOC director Joe Allbaugh say both are considered to be dangerous.

“The Oklahoma Department of Correction is asking for the public’s help in getting these two criminals off the streets and back into our custody where they belong as soon as possible,” Allbaugh said. 

Anyone with information on Ward or Ross to call Tulsa Police Crime Stoppers at 918-596-COPS or the DOC's fugitive warrant division at 405-425-2670.