TULSA, Oklahoma - Police say they've taken reports on 35 damaged vehicles in a vandalism spree across several Tulsa neighborhoods early Friday.

They say that number may still go up as more victims come forward and file a police report. 

Now, many of those victims are taking their cars and trucks to get repaired.  Workers at Glass Doctor of Tulsa say they've had several calls from people whose windows were shot out early Friday. 

Tulsa Police says it started getting calls early Friday after people woke up to find their car windows broken.

The targeted vehicles were either parked on the street or in the driveway and they ranged from cars to pickups and SUVs.  Some were parked at local car dealerships.

One victim says he doesn't understand why someone would do this.

"It's really ridiculous people don't wanna...don't have nothing better to do than this stupid stuff. It's really childish," said Seth Bray.

Tulsa Police say the vandals may have been driving a white four door vehicle but that's as much as they know.

A viewer sent News On 6 surveillance video they say shows a white SUV pulling up to a home across the street from their home and firing a shot.  

While you can't see a face or tag number, the viewer hopes someone can recognize the vehicle or tell its make or model and contact police.

Tulsa Police say if you find your window shot out or broken from Friday morning's vandalism they want you to call them and have an officer come out and make an official report.

That'll give them an idea of exactly how many victims there