SAND SPRINGS, Oklahoma - While many are out shopping for the perfect presents, others are searching for the perfect Christmas trees.

At Pleasant Valley Farms, southwest of Sand Springs, it's sort of Christmas all year long.

“Christmas spirit, it's part of my life,” said Pleasant Valley Farms Manager Beecher Owens. “I have fond memories of singing Christmas carols in July while shearing Christmas trees.”

Owens, his brother and his dad run the Christmas tree and pumpkin farm. It's been in business for more than a decade, giving families like Mannford third grader Noah Camp’s a special holiday tradition.

“We got a big tree,” said Camp. “I was cutting trees down when I was three with my grandpa.”

That's the thing, at Pleasant Valley, you don't just pick out your tree you can also cut it down yourself.

“We usually put an angel on the top and we have a ton of ornaments, like blue ones, green and red,” explained Camp.

The Christmas tree growing season starts at the beginning of each year. It takes about six years to grow a traditional seven-foot tree.

And despite a grass fire that burned through part of the farm in February Owens says they still have a great crop of Christmas trees this year.

“Whether that's a 13-foot, perfect Christmas tree you're looking for, whether that's a Charlie Brown tree, tall and skinny, tall and fat, small and fat, we can find you the perfect tree,” said Owens.

Then, it's up to you to find the perfect gifts to put under it. If you're like nine-year-old Camp, the presents aren't that important.

“It's not that kind of thing. It's the year of giving, not getting,” Camp stated. “It's a fun holiday where everybody gets together around the fire and watches Christmas movies.”