TULSA, Oklahoma - The Oklahoma Highway Patrol says rain and speed are to blame for a crash that sent a semi-truck driver to the hospital and lunch meat spilling across the highway.

Troopers say right where Interstate 44 merges with I-244 was a problem spot for drivers Sunday morning.

OHP troopers say the truck driver was going too fast for the rainy conditions a bit before 4 a.m. and he lost control - ending up in the median. Large rolls of bologna spilled out of his trailer, and crews worked to clean that up.

We're told the driver went to the hospital with back pain.

OHP says that wasn't the only person impacted by rainy conditions in this area early December 4, 2016.

A two-car crash shut down a section of south Highway 75 near the I-244 junction for almost an hour early around 2 a.m. Tulsa Police say a Dodge pickup spun out on the wet highway causing another pickup hit it.

Tulsa firefighters used the jaws of life to rescue the passengers in one pickup.

The passengers were treated for minor injuries, but are going to be OK, authorities said.