WYNONA, Oklahoma - A Green Country church that was destroyed in an arson fire three years ago held a celebration Sunday. 

The Wynona Assembly of God Church in Osage County dedicated its new sanctuary.

Every Sunday, the Wynona Assembly of God congregation gets together, and every Sunday, it's a celebration.

And this one is no different. 

This service is being held in a brand new church.

"We're here because of what God has done, not because of what some did those three years ago," said preacher David Downing.

Three years ago, someone broke into the church, stole a guitar and amplifier, then started a fire on the way out that destroyed the sanctuary and church offices.

No one was ever arrested for the arson and Downing is OK with that.

"If we pray the problem and he was a problem, we just pray that he gets saved. Let God take care of it," Downing said. 

Since the fire, services have been held in the church gymnasium. 

"I believe it was part of His plan," Downing said. 

Sunday's dedication marks a new beginning for the congregation.            

The church got half of what it cost to build this church from insurance, then the community stepped in to raise the rest, making the $1.1 million building a new landmark in the small town of Wynona.

"God's took care of us," Downing said. "Brought us all the way."     

The church has the nicest and newest technology, a beautiful sanctuary and Sunday, the steeple nearly towers over the town's water tower. 

"I always would say, God can see past the water tower," Downing said. 

Now, Downing said God can see the church but the message Sunday was clear. 

The church has never been about a building. It's always been about the spirit of the unshakable people inside. 

"We're God's people, so God's got a plan for us and we're going into the promise land," Downing said.